About Us

Our History

The President
Michelle Bowser is an average, middle class housewife that has had to scrub the family bathtubs and showers for many years.  She is a mom and nurse that maintains a family and a full time job. 

For decades Michelle had been seeking a means to eliminate the need for people to scrub their bathtubs and showers.  After all, the bathtubs and showers are supposed to be a place to clean ourselves.  It does not seem right for us to have to clean them afterwards as well. After decades of seeking a means of eliminating this daunting chore, she discovered a simple but effective method for automation.



Our Product

Here at Simple2Clean, we are proud to bring three new effective systems that do just that. The three systems were designed to serve each and every person who has the responsibility of maintaining a clean shower.  We are positive one of the three systems will fit your needs as a consumer or a builder. Each device will come with a warranty to ensure your unconditional satisfaction. That is how sure we are that you will love these cleaning appliances.

We will be bringing the portable unit to you within the next 6 months!  If you would like to be kept informed as to how you can purchase a Simple2Clean unit, please sign up and leave us your email on the home page or the contact page.