Quick Installation Cleaner

The intended users are the existing homeowners that would like to have a Simple2Clean shower or bathtub but would prefer not to remodel as needed for the fully automated product but want something more permanent than the portable unit. 


How It Works

Take any ordinary shower that requires regular scrubbing and quickly convert it to a Simple2Clean shower that never needs to be scrubbed.

In minutes, a quick installation cleaner with spray strips can be mounted above or near any shower or bathtub.  The cleaner and strips can be modified to blend into or match any décor.  Some spray bars can even be mounted to the top of the door frame making them virtually disappear.

To Use this System, the User:
1) Install the tubed plug
2) Plug the electrical power cord into a household outlet
3) Pour your selected cleaning formula in the shower/bathtub
4) Set the cleaning cycle time, if different than the previous cleaning
5) Push the 'Start' button

When the cleaning cycle is complete, the user will have to store the tubed plug and power cord.  

The Aesthetics:

With the quick install Simple2Clean the homeowner can take steps to hide all of the components.  But since the installation is intended to be simple and quick, some tubing in a few installations might be visible.  The homeowner can hide the control box but this would increase the time and expense of the installation.  If visible, the control box can be made to blend in to any décor as much as possible.