Portable Cleaner

This system is intended for multiple users such as renters, home owners with multiple bathrooms and cleaning professionals.



1) Renters and existing home owners who want the convenience of never having to scrub their shower or bathtub.
2) Existing homeowners that have multiple showers and bathtubs and do not want to have to purchase a Quick Installation unit for each shower or tub.
3) Professional residential maids that can set this device up in a clients shower, turn it on, and go about other cleaning assignments then carry the portable unit to the next home.
4) Professional hotel and motel housekeeping maids that can take this unit from one room to the next and never have to scrub another shower or bathtub.

5) Truck stops or gas stations where showers are available for use but need cleaned and disinfected after each use. Showers will now be ready in minutes with no scrubbing involved! 

To Use this Product, the User:
1) Place the device over the tub or shower drain
2) Install the tubed plug
3) Pour your selected shower cleaning formula in the shower/bathtub
4) Set the cleaning cycle time, if different than the previous cleaning cycle
5) Press the 'Start' button
6) When cycle is finished simply move to the next tub or shower. When you are finished using your portable Simple2Clean just charge the battery, if needed, and store wherever you would store your usual cleaning supplies.

The Aesthetics:

This device does not distract from the aesthetics of the bathroom and is intended to be completely removable after each use.